With two conveniently located, state-of-the-art medical facilities, our practice continues deliver high quality, comprehensive primary care to infants, children, and adolescents. We offer a wide array of services both for appointments and walk-ins. For more information about our services, please check the list below. If your child is in need of a medical service that is not currently listed, we encourage you to get in touch with us to see how we can assist.

See what we provide for your child's health

Specialized Tests

  • Asthma Respiratory Test
  • Skin Allergy Test
  • VEP Test
  • OAE Test

Physical Exams

  • Blood tests
  • Hearing and vision screening
  • Screening for any missing vaccines
  • Urine screening
  • Depression screenings
  • Screening for developmental delay

And more ...

We are a participating provider for the following insurance companies
Name Insurance Plan (s)
Aetna Better Health NJ Medicaid, Aetna Better Health, self-pay
Aetna Private United VFC, Aetna Private, Aetna Better Health, United CP NON VFC, Horizon NJ VFC, self-pay
Amerigroup NJ Medicaid
Amerihealth, Inc Aetna Better Health
Anthem Insurance
Cigna Cigna, Horizon NJ non-VFC, Horizon NJ VFC, self-pay
Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield
FHS Health Solution
Fringe Benefit Group
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Horizon NJ VFC, Aetna Private, United VFC, Amerigroup, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna
Horizon NJ non-vfc NJ Medicaid
Horizon NJ vfc NJ Medicaid, Horizon NJ VFC
Meritan Health Meritain Health, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Horizon NJ VFC
NJ Medicaid NJ Medicaid, self-pay
Optima Health
Oxford United Private Insurance
self-pay NJ Medicaid, Wellcare, United VFC
UMR Horizon NJ VFC
United CP NON VFC United VFC, NJ Medicaid, United CP NON VFC
United Private Insurance United CP NON VFC, Horizon NJ VFC, NJ Medicaid
United VFC NJ Medicaid, United VFC
Wellcare NJ Medicaid

If you don’t see your plan listed here, or have more questions please call our office 201 552 9233 or contact us to find out more information. Our office can be reached during business hours

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1When should I come to Amboy Pediatrics?
Please click here to find our office hours of operation. We do not operate as an emergency room office.
2What services do you provide?
We can diagnose and treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries, including: Wounds that require stitches. Broken bones, sprains, and other minor trauma. Fever. Specific and nonspecific complaints of pain. Ear infections. Asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Vomiting and diarrhea. Dehydration requiring intravenous fluids. Procedures requiring anxiety-reducing methods.
3What age patients do you see at Amboy Pediatrics?
We see and treat children and young adults from 0-21 years of age.
4Will I see a doctor at Amboy Pediatrics?
At Amboy Pediatrics, we employ experienced doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, all trained in pediatric care. There is a physician on site at all times for staff supervision and consultation. If you have a preference, please make a request during registration and we will do our best to accommodate you.
5Do you perform vaccinations or well-child checkups?
Yes, we offer wellness visits, physicals, school checkups or immunizations.
6How is Amboy Pediatrics different from other practices?
At Amboy Pediatrics we focus solely on the care and treatment of children and young adults, from birth through college age.

Insurance and Referral Questions

1What if I don't have insurance or my insurance is not accepted at Amboy Pediatrics?
For patients who do not have insurance coverage, We offer a very simple and affordable payment policy based on the level of care required. Please call us for further details.
2My insurance is listed here but not my plan
Many of our accepted insurance carriers feature “network access plans,” with whom we also participate. If you don’t see your plan listed here, please call our Amboy Pediatrics office to find out more information.
3Do you offer other insurance plans?
We are currently in discussions with many other plans and we anticipate becoming a participating provider with a number of them in the coming months.
4Out-of-Network Options
For those plans for which we are Out-of-Network, we offer: Simple, reasonable fees with no surprises; Only three fee levels, depending upon the complexity of the visit. Flexible payment options and assistance with submitting claims.
5Do I need a referral from my doctor's office?
No referral is necessary to be seen. However, if your insurance is not listed under our accepted insurance plans, please contact your insurance carrier to verify eligibility and what is required for you to be seen at Amboy Pediatrics.